Important logs to alert on vs canned e-mail alerts in Redis Enterprise

Hello all. We are running Redis Enterprise Cluster 6.0.12-58, and have most of the canned e-mail alerts enabled.

We were looking to see if anyone also scrubs their redis logs for events that should be alerted on that are not captured in the canned e-mail alerts.

We appreciate that most of that comes down to operational context and use cases. Some orgs will want to alert on certain classes of audit logs more than other based on their business, for example. But just wondering if anyone had any general insight into events they found important or helpful.


Hi Wil,

For this Redis Enteprrise questions, it would probably be best to check with support: Support | Redis Labs


Thanks Kyle, we have and we received a response over the weekend.

We do not advise setting alerts on log messages. The best option for alerts is either our DB alert system or alert based on our Prometheus The product change the log messages can change. Metrics are reliable no matter what version of Redis Software you use.

Good to know. Cheers all.