Are alerts available within Insight?

I haven’t used RedisInsight and I see that you can get insights into real-time performance metrics and inspect slow commands. Does it have the ability to send alerts on slow commands or other performance aspects so that I can be proactively alerted of problems?

Hi Joe, thanks for reaching out.

Indeed RedisInsight allows you to interact with your database in real-time, you can monitor how your application is performing and identify patterns, use cases and commands that are impacting the performances. You can also understand how the memory is getting consumed and optimize your models to more efficiently use the memory.
This makes the tool very handy when you are developing an application using Redis.

Right now, there is no alert system in place as the tool is more designed for developers. There are many 3rd APM (application performance management) tools that would allow you to do that. Many of them have integration with Redis.

If you are looking for a more integrated Redis solution, with built-in capabilities for monitoring and alerting system, you can give a look to Redis Enterprise and Redis Cloud. Both of them are offering advanced monitoring capabilities that are available out-of-the-box, that you can also use in combination with other 3rd party APM tools.
Here is a link to the documentation if that can be helpful to you:

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Thanks for the detailed response. It would be cool to have an integrated alert system within RedisInsight even though the target audience is developers. Even though I am far less in the weeds as a developer these days, I know the people on my team would take advantage of the alerts if present to monitor their work. The added step of using a 3rd party tool is an added barrier to putting robust monitoring in place that certain developers are far less likely to take in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for the information.

will this service offer reports in Pie chars and graphs for easy analysis

Yes - there are many visualizations available within RedisInsight around memory management, performance metrics, etc.

An example of alerts is the supervision of the cluster with alerts in real time, where it can be analyzed, balanced according to the need, on the other hand it is possible to manage the nodes added recently.

on the other hand, you can also restructure, remove Nodes and configure replicas.

Another super functional redisinsight tool is real-time command monitoring, where you can track keys and main commands.