Is support for ARM anywhere on roadmap for RediSearch?

I know some of the other modules already support ARM, but really hoping RediSearch (and then enabling RedisGraph too) can be supported as well. I haven’t found much information, and was hoping to see more “parts” to this blog post - Getting Redis Modules Into ARM Land - Part 1 | Redis Labs Engineering Blog

Even a general indication would help with architecture planning.

@voyagerzero it’s on our roadmap but probably will take us some time to get there.
Did you try to build it on ARM?

I just tried again, to see if the more recent make setup step helped, but that setup fails itself. Complaining that minimum python version is 3.6, yet python3 -V shows Python 3.8.5. So too many things to dig into at the moment

@gkorland Nevermind, I figured out how to get all the deps manually. And Redisearch 2.0.6 compiled fine!? I’m doing simple hello world type test and it is working (Ubuntu 20.04, ARM64, Redis 6.2.1), but I actually preferred to have build-time failure than hitting unknown runtime failures (based on one of the only discussions I could find - FTBFS on 32-bit architectures · Issue #208 · RediSearch/RediSearch · GitHub).

One more followup. Reading the dev page, saw there is a suite of tests but having trouble getting it to run. i.e. /tmp/RediSearch$ make test

No test configuration file found!