License Question


We are looking into use Redis and RedisTimeSeries in our firmware for our networked hardware components, for internal use within the device. However, interpreting the license has proven difficult.

The Redis Source Available License Agreement states that the software cannot be used in connection with any Database Products. The definition of Database Product is quite wide and could include any virtual machine (jvm, nodejs for example) or any convenience frameworks or SDK:s that include any sorting algorithms or memory management. It all depends on the definition of “caching engine”, “indexing engine” etc. Also, our products would likely be used in connection with a traditional database product of some sort (as would any networked product).

I speculate that the spirit of the license is to prevent companies using Redis modules to compete with Redis enterprise solutions. We are not in that market at all, but we have no possibility (or inclination) to limit how our products are integrated. Is there another license we can use, or some clarification of the existing one?

Best regards,
Mikael Ranbro

@mranbro thanks for your question, and sorry for the confusion.
From your description it seems like your are covered by the license and can use RedisTimeSeries freely under the RSAL license.

Thanks, that is good to hear. It would still be nice to have more clarification of the license as it leaves quite a lot open for interpretation. Especially the phrase “not in connection with any Database Product” causes concern and it is not covered in the FAQ as far as I can see.