License use-case question

We have developed a closed source software that is installed on-premise on customer’s servers.
The graph part is relatively the smallest part of the software.
We want to use “redisgraph” based on docker in our product.

Do we need to buy a license for that?
We want to use redisinsight as well, running queries and monitoring those servers. do we need a license?



Great to hear you’re using RedisGraph and RedisInsight. It would be interesting to hear your experiences on both.

RedisGraph is licensed under Redis Source Available License ( you can read more about it also here and here

RedisInsight license terms can be found here



Actually, I was amazed that the entire cypher language is supported. this is great. endless materials about it.

I was a little bit disappointed not to see a stable C# driver, so I have installed node js in a docker and exposed a simple REST to communicate with the database.

RedisInsight is great, I think it is only missing multiline query editor and I was told that it is in the road map… you can’t really build long queries in it. so I’m using POSTMAN with my rest server to build the query.

I cant really tell yet what I think about it. but the fact that cypher is working so smoothly making the experience much much better.
At the moment I using orientdb and I want to migrate out.
Im also examining arangodb and dgraph.

About the license,
If I understand correctly, since I’m not a service provider and I actually have a product that this database is serving it means that I can use it as an opened source. AKA FREE. correct?


To the best of my understanding, yes.

Great and Toda Raba…

There is an open-source non-official .Net client for RedisGraph at
I haven’t tested it myself. If there will be enough demand and my availability will allow it, I will make an official .Net client for RedisGraph.

@DvirDukhan thank you. I did not see that.
My solution for the moment is to create a nodejs docker layer that communicates with redisgraph.
Working good for now.

@avi RedisGraph is not a full open source product, it’s a source available product. The license terms are clear about when it’s royalty free according to the definition of database product inside the license