MemoryStore for Redis

I have been researching on MemoriStore and I see that it is compatible with Redis which is excellent.

Memorystore for Redis provides a fully managed service for Redis in-memory data storage that allows you to create application caches to provide access to data in less than milliseconds.

Now I have this question for the Community:

How does it work, what features does it have and what are the attributes of memorystore for Redis?

Memory Store provides fast in-memory data storage for practical cases that require speed and real-time processing of data.

Some advantages can be:

Implement what you need: Memorystore for Redis lets you choose from different levels and sizes of service tailored to your performance and operational needs

Easily scale for blazing speed: You can achieve throughput and latency goals by scaling Redis instances with minimal impact on your application availability.

.High availability and increased security: Redis instances are protected from the Internet by private IP addresses.

Focus on your application: Applications connect to a single endpoint, eliminating any node discovery logic and simplifying management and processing.

Redis protocol support: You can port your open source Redis applications to Memorystore for Redis without having to make code changes.

There are some distinct features for MemoryStore:

  • GCP currently only supports up to Redis version 4.0.
  • For high-availability, you can choose from stand-alone servers or replicated servers. Redis clusters are not an option on GCP.
  • Native backup options don’t exist with Cloud Memorystore.
  • Redis RDB data can be imported and exported between your servers and Google Cloud storage bucket.

Here’s a bit of comparison between memorystore and other managed service (AWS):

Only advantage using Memorystore in GCP is probably its managed solution in GCP but moreless it works as Redis OSS. (actually provision separate CE for each Redis deployment). Memorystore always behind latest Redis OSS version (normally n-1) so you always miss latest features compare to Redis OSS.

Redislabs, a company behind Redis OSS has better re-architected managed Redis Enterprise service available on AWS, GCP, Azure as well as as Software solution. It has

  1. Better linear scale
  2. Better performance, HA, Persistence options
  3. Modules support like RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisAI, RedisJSON, RedisTimeseries
  4. Multitenancy
  5. Multi-layer security
  6. Active-passive, Active-Active deployment support
  7. Redis on Flash support

such many better feature and always run on latest Redis version. give a try.