New Result-set format


I’ve recently merged into RedisGraph Master branch a change to the way result-sets are structured,

a detail description of the format is described here.

We believe this new structure is better suited for applications wishing to provide a visual representation of sub graphs.

Although we haven’t tagged this change as an official release just yet, upcoming RedisGraph 2.0. We’ve took deliberate of updating all of our clients, (Python, Go, Java and JavaScript) to support this new formatting, new client version is available only on each client Master branch.

Dockerhub has been updated as-well, to get this new version, please pull and run redislabs/redisgraph:edge.

May I ask, is there any sort of roadmap, informal or otherwise for what might be planned for RedisGraph 2.0?

Hi Anthony,

For RedisGraph v2.0 we have identified the following release defining features

  • Full Graph response, aka the new result set structure that Roi mentioned above, which enables a.o. graph visualisation.
  • Full text search support by using RediSearch for secondary indexing and thus replacing the existing indexing.
  • A new query parser and execution engine which results in support for the core features of Cypher (the query language of RedisGraph)

The first one is done, and the last two are work in progress. Since the latter includes some major changes, we don’t want to commit to deadlines yet, but prefer to stabilise the efforts before releasing it as GA. Our best current guess is Q3 of this year.

In the releases after 2.0 we plan on working custom stored procedures and extending analytical capabilities.