New to Redis? Check out these resources 👇

If you are new to Redis, we suggest getting started with the following resources:

Get Started with Redis (Setting up Redis)

Redis University (free, self-paced online courses)

Redis Labs Videos (How to, Redis Days, RedisConf)

Redis University Videos (Redis Data Structures explained by our Redis University team)

Tech Blog (Read all about Redis and Redis Enterprise technology as well as tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your Redis database)

Redis Stars Podcast (Interviews from developers and DevOps professionals from our host Dave Nielsen)

Join our Redis Stars Slack channel for lighter (Non-technical) questions, discussions, and also to meet other Redis geeks!

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Thank you @dave for this curated list of great resources.

I recently concluded the RU101 course on Redis University and earned a certificate. I then proceeded to write an article about my learning of the Redis Data Structures and how important the knowledge of it can make a difference when building a Redis based application. The article can be found here :point_down:t4:

Kindly check it out.



Congratulations man!! Are you interested to talk on Redis - virtual event? if yes please ping me, We can host your topics across multiple Redis meetup community groups (APAC, EMEA)


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Oh! thank you @suyog
Oh yes I am very interested in a talk. Thank you for the opportunity