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I am new to Redis modules and want to create this so that we can use it to curate a list or repository of great materials one can use in learning about Redis Modules so please, kindly add awesome links here so everyone can benefit from it.

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There are currently 7 Redis Modules that are supported by Redis Labs. If you don’t know where to start, I would start with RediSearch and RedisJSON. RedisGears is also very interesting.

  1. RediSearch - https://redisearch.io
  2. RedisGraph - https://redisgraph.io
  3. RedisTimeSeries - https://redistimeseries.io
  4. RedisJSON - https://redisjson.io
  5. RedisBloom - https://redisbloom.io
  6. RedisAI - https://redisai.io
  7. RedisGears - https://redisgears.io

There are additional modules at Redis Modules Hub.


Thank you so much, Dave :pray:t5: for providing these awesome resources. I am sure it will help so many of us a lot

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For RediSearch you can also join the Redis University and do the following course:



Thank you, Tug for sharing :clap: Oh yes, I will definitely check it out

:rotating_light::rotating_light: Amazing News :rotating_light::rotating_light:

I have just completed and earned a certificate in RediSearch from the Redis University based on the recommendation of @tgrall, Thank you so much, man :clap:t3:

This is my first of Redis Module and pretty much my introduction to the world of Redis Modules.
What I discovered is that for me to take benefit of the full offerings of various amazing Redis modules, it’s important that I fully understand vanilla Redis, explore it’s limitations and then employ Redis modules to solve some of the challenges posed by vanilla Redis, then and only then will I appreciate the importance and advantages of Redis modules.

So, I will be exploring Redis in details in the coming weeks or months.

My certificate can be found here https://university.redislabs.com/certificates/user/55549/course/course-v1:redislabs+RU201+2020_04

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Glad you completed the course!

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You’re an awesome instructor :clap:t3:

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Congrats on course completion. Need small favor, even i tried to enrolled for Introductory course on redis Data Structure for 3 Aug but somehow it move to 18 Aug. Just want to know am i missing anything apart of clicking enrollment button.

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This is a great idea. Thanks for starting it!

If you’re interested in writing your own modules, there’s a good blog post on the Redis Labs blog that tells how to do it in C.

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Hi @devD

The last cycle of open courses on Redis University ended on July 31, 2020. The new cycle will kick off by August 11 and according to the new date on the Redis university website, the course will start by August 18. That’s why you saw the changes, it’s mainly because there’s no open learning cycle at the moment.

I suggest you also join the discord channel so that you don’t miss out on relevant announcements related to courses.

Thank you @guyroyse!
I will check it out.

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