New User - Cannot run example query successfully


I’m very excited about redisgraph, thanks for the great work!

I wrote a very small lua script which I intended to generate a series of something roughly like one of the example scripts for the MERGE command to populate the graph. Unfortunately, it crashes redis. In an attempt to isolate my error, I have slowly backed myself out to running the example script in the cli, but am a bit confused about the results.> flushdb

OK> graph.query graphcache "MERGE (charlie { name: 'Charlie Sheen' }) MERGE (wallStreet:Movie { name: 'Wall Street' }) MERGE (charlie)-[r:ACTED_IN]->(wallStreet)"

1) 1) "Nodes created: 1"

2) "Properties set: 1"

3) "Query internal execution time: 4.172200 milliseconds"> graph.query graphcache "MATCH (whynot:Movie { name: 'Wall Street' }) return whynot"

1) 1) "whynot"

2) (empty list or set)

I expected this to create 2 nodes and a relationship.

This is running in docker redislabs/redisgraph:latest (redislabs/redisgraph@sha256:0ac5c9612a7cc055a70552453d9d2cf70f78db123a71a2b22eb85e506e523c9f)

What am I missing? Any assistance is appreciated!


P.S. I am assuming that a newbie error resulted in a pathological query and I am primarily interested in fixing my query, but I can open a ticket with query that causes the crash and some debug info if that is helpful.

Hi Jake,

If you use the Docker tag redisgraph:edge instead of redisgraph:latest, you should get the correct behavior with this query!

Feel free to write here or on Github if you encounter further issues.

  • Jeffrey Lovitz

That took care of it - thank you for the speedy reply!