NOPERM this user has no permissions to access one of the channels used as arguments

Hi there
I have some issues with my High Availability and user access.

I have created a user REDISUSER with password and rights to everything.
In my configuration this is what it shows.
user redisuser on Password ~ &* +@all*

After i upgraded my redis to:
Redis server v=6.2.1 sha=00000000:0 malloc=jemalloc-5.1.0 bits=64 build=b4818043e48fd401

I get this error when i try to connect to it.,ssl=false,user=redisuser,password=password,serviceName=mymaster,allowAdmin=true (.net connection) The connection is through sentinel.

I’m a bit lost of what it could be thats wrong.


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Hi ksh,

Were you ever able to resolve this issue?


Hi Kyle
I was not able to resolve it.
I still have the server but it has just been taken “out” so its not a problem at the moment.