Question: removing FILTER and GEOFILTER

So we’re nearing version 1.0, and I want to stabilize the API, and remove unneeded cruft from it.

Currently FT.SEARCH contains the arguments FILTER for numeric filtering and GEOFILTER for location filtering.

Both now have a way of being expressed via the structured query syntax: "@numeric_range:[min max]" and @geo_location:[lon lat dist unit]” respectively.

Removing FILTER and GEOFILTER while maintaining backwards compatibility in the client libraries, will force a big rewrite in the clients, adding a textual query builder.

We can of course just remove them and remove them from the clients as well, forcing users to rewrite the apps.

OTOH the API is still considered unstable officially, and this is the last moment to remove stuff.

OTOOH - we’ve already announced RC1, so it might be a bit too late.

So I’m basically not happy with either choice.




Step 1) Deprecate notice
Step 2) Remove the filter, make it a build flag for those who are mid-stream
Step 3) Drop the build flag for the next big version (2?)
Step 4) Profit.


Yeah, of course, but I’m not happy with releasing leftover legacy API cruft at 1.0