Redis Json

Very interesting this module the update and recovery of values ​​are excellent with Json.

The question I have is if the documents are stored only as binary data or is there another method of storage within Json or another module similar to this? Thank you

Are you reffering to RedisJSON or RedisJSON2?

In RedisJSON2 we are using

I have been reading and I will try to explain my point of view and you will tell me how correct I am:

With JSON you can natively store document data in a hierarchical structure or format, this is so to search or scale a document more efficiently.

Remember that JSON works at high speeds and volume, this greatly improves performance and data storage within the structure.

With a fast memory storage, you can get fast access and updates, from you can process multiple operations in a second, with a response time in milliseconds.

Sounds about right, but you can get more information here: