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Hi everybody,
Where can i Found RedisJSon Use cases?

Hello Andres,

RedisJSON’s main use case in its current (v1) version is adding native JSON support for Redis and allowing fast read/write from/to terminal nodes via explicit paths. This is mainly useful when you have documents in which only sub-parts are accessed frequently.



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Check this link bellow It may help:

Hi @itamarhaber, thanks for that insightful response :clap:.
Would you then say that when the sub-parts of a document isn’t frequently accessed, it is better to stringify the document before saving and not use RedisJSON at all?

That’s the basic tradeoff, so you need to quantify “isn’t frequently” more precisely for a clear answer. I’d say that if you’re always storing/fetching the document as a whole, you don’t need RedisJSON at all. For anything else, it is a choice based on the pros and cons of each approach.

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Thanks, that really helped. In my case, I was fetching as a whole