Redis-server-stack support for Ubuntu 22.04

Hi! Any plan to supports Ubuntu Jammy with Redis-Stack-Server?
Also, the links don’t work here for the version 7-rc for Ubuntu Jammy : Download | Redis
Can’t find any other way to install redis-stack-server on Ubuntu Jammy.

Looking at the URLs, it seems that things ending in .zip were provided, instead of .tar.gz.

Here’s the direct link to 7.0.6-RC1 (jammy, x86). As of 6.2.4-v4 and 7.0.6-RC1 Jammy should be supported, on both x86 and arm.

I run redis stack server under Linux Mint 21 (based on Ubuntu 22.04). You just have to say that you are under focal instead of jammy in redis.list in /etc/apt/sources.d, and install an older version of libssl. It is just a problem of packaging.