The drawback we have with REDIS is that it is a In-memory database and we are wondering if our RAM size will be enough for our usage. Do you know if it is possible to reduce the RAM usage for TS instance of REDIS? Can we configure the database to partially load data in RAM or something like that ?


Hi there @SBA , in version 1.2 we added compression that reduces its memory requirements up to 90% in most scenarios ( both timestamps and values are compressed by default ). Full info here.

compressed example

the following example creates a compressed time-serie. ( notice that compression in forms of memory saving will be more visible as soon as you start adding more data points )> ts.create sba-example
OK> ts.add sba-example * 5
(integer) 1589194844988> ts.add sba-example * 10
(integer) 1589194847885> ts.add sba-example * 5
(integer) 1589194851889

uncompressed example> ts.create sba-example-uncompressed UNCOMPRESSED
OK> ts.add sba-example-uncompressed * 5
(integer) 1589195001888> ts.add sba-example-uncompressed * 10
(integer) 1589195003597> ts.add sba-example-uncompressed * 5
(integer) 1589195005206

Hi Filipe,

Thanks a lot for your reply and all the details you gave to me.
Our plan is to manage up to 3 years of data on our device using up to 32 Gbytes of Flash. On RAM side we will only have 512 Mbytes. Once compression is enabled, will it impact the RAM and the Flash usage? We are wondering if with TS REDIS we will have the 3 years of Data loaded in RAM or only part of it will loaded.

DO you have entry points to understand the TS REDIS RAM usage ?