RedisGear Integration to RedisGraph


I am thinking of using multiple Redis modules under the same instance.

Redis As Database - Insert key-value pair as Json document

   id : UUID,
   children :[
     id : UUID,
     id : UUID

Above is a sample document highlighting relationship between documents.
I want some events to be produced when some document is modified which RedisGears can listen to and then Redis Gears must have integration to RedisGraph to prepare Graph with relations.

Wanted to know is such integration possible between Redis Modules ?

Redis Database ------------------> Redis Gears ---------------------> RedisGraph

Finally I would want the modification through Redis Database and then retrieval through RedisGraph
Also my data is time dependent , so thinking of using time-series module as well.

RedisGears currently doesn’t support calling RedisGraph API, the upcoming RedisGears 2.0 is planned to have such support