Populated RedisGraph and RedisSearch from Gears

What would be recommended way to populate RedisSearch and RedisGraph out of Gears?
My RedisGear runs on an open-source cluster, I can use RedisGraph/RedisSearch as external storage and apply Write-Behind recipe.
Maybe there is a better way?

@AlexMikhalev using the Write-Behind recipe is a good idea. All you need to do is to implement the connector interface (such that the implementation writes to RediSearch/RedisGraph) and then give it to RGWriteBehind class which will pass the changed/added hashes to your connector. Look how other connectors are implemented https://github.com/RedisGears/rgsync/tree/master/rgsync/Connectors. It should not be hard to implement one for RediSearch or RedisGraph. If you do it we will be happy to accept a PR so others will also be able to enjoy it.