RedisGears readers event mode on replica

I’m new to Redis and playing with RedisGears for now. Nice to see the Python support, thanks!
At the moment we cannot decide, which way we should send data from multiple standalone Redis servers to the remote Redis Cluster by the not so stable cellular channel. One standalone server will gather some data and metrics to the Redis Stream. So we should have an access through the remote Redis Cluster to all of the gathered data from standalone servers.
As I understood one way is to use Replication to copy data from standalone server to another standalone instance on the remote server and then use RedisGears to send data from localhost replica to the Redis Cluster. That way we are making the backups also.

The problem is that we cannot register StreamReader on replica instance. It is added to the ‘rg.dumpregistrations’ list, but it’s not triggered when new stream entries are replicated.
Example script:

def save_id(r):
  id = r['id']
  key = '%s:_last_id' % r['key']
  execute('SET', key, id)

gb = GB('StreamReader')

The script is triggered while the instance is not in replica mode, so we see RedisGears calls in Monitor when we ‘xadd’ some entries to the same stream from redis-cli. Replicated data can be obtained in batch mode also.

Using RedisGears version 1.0.7 from redislabs/redisgears Docker Hub with the following config:

loadmodule /var/opt/redislabs/lib/modules/ Plugin /var/opt/redislabs/modules/rg/plugin/
appendonly yes
appendfsync everysec
save 60 10
replicaof 7002

Am I doing it wrong? Or is it ‘ok’ by design? Maybe there are other rock solid ways to copy data into the Redis Cluster?
Any advices will be appreciated. Thanks!

Cannot close topic.
The answer from Meir Shpilraien on Discord:

RedisGears will not trigger registrations on replica, the assumption is that the primary will triggers them and the replica will get only the effects (the commands) that the registration invoked.
Otherwise you are risking in inconsistencies between primary and replica