WriteBehind recipe for redis to redis


I am looking to use WriteBehind recipe to write to a Redis server(or cluster) from another Redis server(or cluster).
Is it possible?

If yes, then please share a simple example python code to run using gears-cli.



I have not seen such recipe, yet.

You can probably create a new one using the Write Behind recipe use to sync Redis & RDBMS that is available here.

Note: It is also interesting to know that Redis Cloud and Redis Enterprise provide options to replicate databases between 2 clusters; it is a little different from your ask, but I just want to make sure you are aware of this, some pointers, this feature is called Active-Active Database


The write behind recipe do not have a Redis connector yet but it should be really easy to write one. All you need to do is implement the rgsync connection interface and then use this connector.
Look how the simple_hash_connector is implemented, should be really easy to modify it and make it connect and write to another Redis (https://github.com/RedisGears/rgsync/blob/master/rgsync/Connectors/simple_hash_connector.py).

If you do it we will be happy to accept PR so other people can enjoy this connector.