redisgraph-go major version for redisgraph

I am trying to evaluate with redisgraph 2.0 , with redisgraph-go API version 1.99.0 . But, I also have the 1.0.0 version of redisgraph-go API in the codebase for backwards compatibility.
To have both the versions of API in single project - Golang dependency manager -needs the Major version to be different. Here we have both(1.0.0 , 1.99.0) of them with same Major version. Is there a plan to release a version 2.x.x before official release .



Hi Xavier,

I’ve just tagged redisgraph-go master branch as 2.0.0,
Please let me know if that solved your issue.



Hi Roi,

Thank you for your help . I am still having trouble, But , I think it requires the tag to be v2.x.x instead of 2.x.x . I tried with my test repo and it works when tagged with v2.x.x .

Thank you ,