Structuring a stream for ordering of consumer groups

Hello, I’m working on a new use-case for Redis streams to orchestrate a 3 step process, and I’m having some trouble understanding how I could structure my data in the stream that would allow for ordering of the consumer groups. In that for each run I want to run a consumer group on a stream for step 1 that outputs a document, and when step 1 is completed successfully I want to run step 2 that reads the document and outputs another document, that would then be read by step 3 and complete the process.

Is there any advice on how I could structure my stream to allow ordering of these consumer groups? Would I need another data structure to do the locking until the proceeding step is completed?

Thanks for the help.

One way to structure this is to create a dedicated work queue per step. That is you need to create as many streams as you have steps, and consumer groups for each as well.

To add to what Julien said,

Here is a demo example of how you can choreograph a saga using Redis Streams - GitHub - redis-field-engineering/demo-microservices-saga

There is an explanation of microservice sagas here -