Updating all properties by redis internal id

I want to update a node by id.
this is not supported:
match(a) where id(a) = 1478 set a.bb = 'cc', ee='s' return a > RedisGraph does not currently support set all properties

I thought to use merge with only on match set but I cant really find the id with merge:
merge(a) where a.id = id(1488) set a.bb = 'cc' return a > not legal

merge(a {id: 1488}) set a.bb = 'cc' return a > impossible

What are my options to update multiple / all properties at once.


Hi, in your first query:
MATCH(a) WHERE ID(a) = 1478 SET a.bb = 'cc', ee='s' RETURN a

What dose ee='s' stands for?
ee is not defined.