User-defined C procedures


I am currently using Neo4j but looking to switching to RedisGraph. The only “deal-breaker” for me is the lack of support for user-defined procedures.

Following point 3 from this post, I wanted to know if you have a rough estimate for when the user-defined procedures will be released.

Or can you point me to a task/roadmap where I can follow the progress towards releasing this feature? I tried looking for it in the 2.4 project , but I failed to identify a card referencing “user-defined procedures”.

Thank you,

Hi @AndreescuC,
User-Defined procedures will probably require some sort of low-level API which we haven’t began on defining, so I can see this capability being delayed.

FYI I know Neo4J user-defined procedures are written in Java, RedisGraph will probably require writing these procedures in C.

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Thank you, @SWilly22 for your timely response!

Yes, I was aware that procedures would be needed to be written in C, at least until other languages bindings are defined. I am looking forward for when this functionality will be implemented.