Administration with RedisInsight

I use RedisInsight to manage most features of my Rdeis databases.
Anyone knows about a more efective way to do this ?



You can do a lot with RedisInsight, example:

I would suggest you to follow RedisInsight documentation:

And some nice blogs written by Redis Labs folk @k-jo:

Hope this helps.

Hi @JRedis2020 ! thanks for reaching out.
What are the capabilities you are using when you mean “Manage most features of my Redis databases”? And what would be the things you’d be interested to get and to be able to do more easily?

With that, we can probably give you more hints :slight_smile: !

RedisInsight is very versatile, within its documentation you can see the different features and forms of administration, such as the multiplatform GUI.

some features of GUI cross-platform management:

-Scanning existing keys
-Carrying out of massive operations or CRUD
-Sample objects in JSON format.

The RedisInsight Application Optimization GUI has the following features:

-exploration and interaction of data
-reduced memory usage
-Real time command monitoring

These characteristics allow to interact with the database and manage them, it provides certain tools to analyze the memory.

RedisInsight supports:

-Redis OSS
-Redis Enterprise
-Cloud Redis
-Amazon ElastiCache

you can manage redis by obtaining performance metric information, and you can manage directly through the interface.