RedisInsight as a Service

I downloaded RedisInsight and started playing around with it - really cool. Quick question though, are there any plans to offer RedisInsight as a Service?

Yes it’s on our roadmap.
Question, where is your Redis cluster located?

I have 4, all running in GCP/us-east1

Are they opened to the internet or on a private VPN?


what is your use case to use RedisInsight as service? it has web interface you can access it anywhere.

Before offering Redisinsight as a service I think it is essential to learn how to configure Redisinsight for the operating system we use and in this way know if it works for the work we want to do or not.

can be installed on operating systems such as:


Here below the link of the documentation:

Remember that before offering the service the most logical and important thing is to add the database to RedisInsight so that it can connect to it.

Each configuration requires certain steps that must be carried out so that the connection can be made:

-Independent Network
-Redis Cluster
-Redis Sentinel
-Redis with TLS Authentication

Without these steps, an optimal service cannot be offered since you probably cannot use the tools as it should be.

In that scenario, I would have to install RedisInsight on a machine somewhere, probably a compute VM, and maintain it in order to use the web interface. If it were just offered as a service, I would have nothing to maintain and could just log in and use it.

My very personal opinion is that RedisInsight looks very attractive to start using it, its optimized development for Redis offers and contributes a lot to work comfortably.

within RedisInsight you can explore and interact with data, it also reduces memory usage and monitor commands in real time.

Another very important point is being able to scan keys or add new ones, you can perform CRUD operations and display objects in a JSON format.

Is there is a way to implement j query in Redis database ??

I hadn’t ever considered this before, but JQuery is client-side javascript and so I don’t really see a way to run this within a Redis database on a server. What are you trying to do?

please elaborate your question, do you mean you want to run jquery in Redis database (server side) or you want to connect Redis using Javascript?

you many use node.js (serverside javascript) to connect Redis, below are npm packages to connect Redis:

Hi @aniket, I assume you are trying to run javascript to query your data within Redis database ?

The closest you can get would be to use Python via RedisGears:

The redisInsight performance metrics are very interesting:

RedisInsight provides a general description of Redis through a Graphical representation. within this you can view total memory and instance keys, number of connections received, connected clients, network inputs and outputs, among many other things.

on the other hand we have the profiler which analyzes each command sent to the Redis instance, analyzes the output of the monitor command which generates a summary view. All commands are supervised during profiling.

Apart from this, the profiler provides information on the number of processed commands, upper prefixes, upper keys and higher commands.

@harry thanks for the solution, it help me a lot .

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Hi all,

We use redisinsight into ec2 to monitoring elasticache in AWS. The problem is we want to not remember password, and force to put a valid token every time that a user log into redisinsight.

Someone know if this option is available or if there’re some future plans to do it?


I don’t think there is currently a way to disable the remember password.


You are correct Joe, today, it is not possible.

@gerardgorrion has posted a specific topic for this, we can continue the discussion there: