Concurrency bug with RedisGraph

Thank you!

Any chance you’d be able to merge this by Friday?

Do we have any updates on this please?

We’re starting to have more concurrency bugs and we hope it is this bug. We’re seeing different responses when asking the same request again and again

Thank you for your patience!
It’s my plan to merge this work into our master branch today.

Just merged.
Should be available as a new docker image in the next few hours.

Thanks for your continued help on this.

I just checked with the docker://redisfab/redisgraph:master-x64-centos7 image and the bug does seem to be fixed on the sample I posted! We will continue to test with our full dataset to ensure we can’t reproduce the issue but it’s looking good so far!


Glad to hear that, keep me posted.

I confirmed that we are unable to reproduce the bug now! Thanks again :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing what are you using RedisGraph for ?

Now that we have presented on it, I finally can!

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Thanks for sharing, can you share the recording or the slides?

I’ll post the recording here once it’s online.


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