Installing Redisearch on Centos

What are the requirements to install Redisearch?

We had Redis and Redis Sentinel installed on 3 Linux Servers (Centos 7). They were all syncing and functioning correctly. I tried to install Redisearch (Quick Start - RediSearch - Redis Secondary Index & Query Engine ) but when I do the command sudo make setup it did not like the version of make.

I rebuilt one of the servers as a Centos 8 server and made a bit more progress, when I do sudo make setup, instead of the make version error, it instead gives this error:
Error: Unable to find a match: centos-release-scl

I am not having luck with installing centos-release-scl on Centos 8.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Instead of doing sudo make setup please use the following:

sudo ./deps/readies/bin/getpy2
sudo ./

then proceed as usual.