Problems moving files in /var/lib/redis/ to another disk

My end goal is to understand how to move ubuntu redis files from /var/lib/redis/ to a different location.

Running redis on an ubuntu VM with a too small root partition. I moved /var/lib/redis/ to a different drive containing /home/redis/server. Made sure all the permissions and ownerships matched, changed /etc/systemd/system/redis.service and /etc/redis/redis.conf to match the new destination. I also changed ProtectHome to no in redis.service.

redis would not start. The log had the error:

Can’t chdir to ‘/home/redis’: Permission denied.

checked permissions multiple times and two different sets of eyes agreed that the original and destination permissions and ownership are identical. I’m in the process of reworking the redis cluster and I’d really prefer redis store it’s files on a different partition other than root.

I’m not sure what I’m overlooking and would appreciate some insight.