Redis connection status

Hello all.
Our application is failing to connect to the redis server/s. The application uses a ‘Server Farm’ configuration window where we set the redis server IP’s, port and password, then it connects when we press ‘Okay’
Redis-cli ping on the redis server itself responds with PONG.
However, using redis-cli utility on the application server, whilst we can connect to the redis server we get no response from the ping command.
We are able to telnet to the redis server on port 6379 from the application server.
We have no bind statement in our .conf file
Any ideas on what we need to look for here?
Thanks in advance for any assistance received :slight_smile:


Update. We ended up finding a misconfiguration in the .conf file, once that was fixed all good.
Our Master had somehow been set to : replicaof < a slave server >