Rladmin: node status is UNREACHABLE - port issue?

Hi All!

First time setup of a Redis cluster.
I believe all is configured correctly but I am unable to see the status of node/s in our other Data Centre when running “rladmin status”. They are showing as UNREACHABLE. All else seems to be working correctly


I thought all the required ports had been opened up between the Data Centres. Can anyone tell me over which port the rladmin status check is performed?


It basically runs ping -c 1 -W 1 and checks the result code. Sounds like you might have ping blocked between the nodes/data centers.

Hi gkorland!

Thanks - I’ll get that checked out and report back.

Hi gkorland!

Yes - allowing cross-datacentre ICMP traffic fixed the issue.
Now all nodes are reporting an “OK” status irrespective of which data-centre they are in.

Thanks again!

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