RedisGears 1.0.2 released!

This is a maintenance release for version 1.0.
Update urgency: Low


This release improves overall stability and provides fixes for issues found after the previous release.


Minor Features:

  • #368 Support for buffer input on createTensorFromBlob when integrating with RedisAI API.
  • #373 Registered execution plans will not re-send their metadata when they are triggered (this feature reduces network overhead and improve performance of distributed registrations).
  • #371 Full details on import requirement failure.


  • #374 Fix RedisAI toFlatList function to handle long long encoding.
  • #375 Call OnRegister on RDBLoad.
  • #388 Fix crash on hello request failure (internal protocol between shards), a retry will be triggered after 1 second.
  • #395 Fix rare wrong results on aggregate and aggregateby . Use deep copy on the zero value to avoid those incorrect results.