RedisGraph graph list missing entries

I’m running RedisInsights on a laptop (Windows 10). Since some days, depending on the physical location/network, the graph list does not contains all graphs. I’ve uninstalled Redisinsights, removed all files under %userprofile%.redisinsights and re-installed Redisinsights. No way, the behavior is still the same:

1. Location that works

The API response of http://localhost:8001/api/instance/abf02db5-bfd6-41ac-afdb-b85b4f7cd06e/redisgraph/find-keys/?db=0 is:


2. Location that does not work

The API response of http://localhost:8001/api/instance/7b13219f-c17a-4c57-b31f-866f280e5a9e/redisgraph/find-keys/?db=0 is:


You see that “test” graph is missing. Could you explain the cause of this behavior and what is the meaning of the “cursor” field.
Note: Running cliquery GRAPH.QUERY “test” “MATCH(n) RETURN n limit 1” works as expected.


Hello Vincent,

Thank you for reporting this, we are already investigating it.


Hey @vgo,

I have made a fix. Can you please help us by trying out a custom RedisInsight build with the fix?

Here’s the link: RedisInsight.msi - Google Drive

Let us know if there’s still an issue.

NOTE: The build is unsigned so it’ll be unverified, you will have to manually approve it.


Hi Gnanesh,

This versions fixes the issue, thanks!




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