[solved] RedisInsight does not show keys in browser

Hello. I started with redis a few days before and till today everything works with redisinsight. Now i have a problem. I use laravel cache to write keys to redis in table 1. Also when i check my application, it seems laravel get the keys from the right table when i reload my page. When I look at overview in redisinsight i have a number of some keys (2 Total keys). I also flushall and reload page and the keys are set again. But when i try to find the keys in browser (in table 1) it does not work. I cant find them. Even it seems that they are really there. Also when I use redis cli on homestead and do “select 1” and “get *” I got (nil). I is not found. Can I find out if i use another connection in laravel with a method? The config is right and i also clear config cache. It should be the right db and table. It also worked till today morning.

I did another check… If i do “select 1” in terminal or also in cli at redisinsight and then get the full name of the var it works. But * is not working. And in browser there is a * as default. Also when i put in there the full name it does not work. … Is redisinsihgt buggy?

ok… i found the problem. it was my fault… i thought in redis insight i can switch table 1 in browser and then click reload. but i have to press enter first on keyboard to switch database. sorry.

Relatedly, there doesn’t seem to be any way in the 2.0 preview (on OS X at least) to switch browser databases. I can select 1, select 0, etc in the CLI pane, but that doesn’t affect the browser and I don’t see a popup menu like 1.x has, or any other setting for the browser.