RedisGraph memtier_benchmark execution


I’m trying to get the performance stats for the RedisGraph query using the memtier_benchmark utility. However it seems not identifying the command passed correctly and trimming out the one after arrow ( ()-->() ) throwing the below error. PFB the command (masked IP and passkey) and result showing error. Please let me know if there is anything that i’m missing to include here

docker run --rm redislabs/memtier_benchmark:edge --server **** --port 13886 --authenticate **** -n 10 -c 1 -t 1 --hide-histogram --command=“graph.query RateCardInfo “MATCH (rc:RateCard)-[:hasBundle]->(bu:Bundle) where return bu”” --key-maximum=100000 --distinct-client-seed --command-key-pattern G --tls-skip-verify --tls --debug

Writing results to stdout
[RUN #1] Preparing benchmark client…
client.cpp:111: new client 0x55d5858b13e0 successfully set up.
[RUN #1] Launching threads now…
shard_connection.cpp:348: sending authentication command.
[RUN #1 0%, 0 secs] 1 threads: 0 ops, 0 (avg: 0) ops/sec, 0.00KB/sec (avg: 0.00KB/sec), -nan (shard_connection.cpp:393: authentication successful.
client.cpp:245: GRAPH.QUERY [graph.query RateCardInfo “MATCH (rc:RateCard)-[:hasBundle]- where return bu”]:
**shard_connection.cpp:423: server **:13886: handled response (first line): -errMsg: Invalid input ‘w’: expected ‘>’ or ‘(’ line: 1, column: 35, offset: 34 errCtx: MATCH (rc:RateCard)-[:hasBundle]- where return bu errCtxOffset: 34, 0 hits, 1 misses

Hi @krissravi36,

The command the server is receiving is missing the snippet >(bu:Bundle):
graph.query RateCardInfo “MATCH (rc:RateCard)-[:hasBundle]- where return bu”

I think the issue is probably that you have nested double-quote characters, and the edge direction > is being mistakenly interpreted as a redirect to file. Try escaping the inner double quotes or switching to single quotes for the query itself.

Hi @jeffreylovitz,

Thanks for your suggestion, i’ve replaced it with single quote and it’s working now