RedisTimeSeries-py TS.INCRBY supports TIMESTAMP argument?

The redis-cli documentation for TS.INCRBY states

TS.INCRBY key value [TIMESTAMP timestamp] [RETENTION retentionTime] [UNCOMPRESSED] [LABELS label value..]

However the python client signature for the method is

def incrby(self, key, value, time_bucket=None, retention_msecs=None, uncompressed=False, labels={}):
Increases latest value in key by value.
timeBucket resets counter. In milliseconds.
If key is created, retention_msecs and labels are

which suggests it doesn’t support the TIMESTAMP argument… Can this be confirmed? If it does support it, how would one go about using it?

The documentation on the python client is a bit lacking :-/

Hello Matthew,

You are indeed correct and the python client was not in line with the module.

I have already fixed it and published a PR. It will be review and published soon.

Thank you for the feedback,


Thanks - will the documentation be updated also?


Hi Matt,

Documentation for function has been updated as well and will be published on PyPi soon.