Visualizing RedisGraph queries using RedisInsight

Please someone explain or tell me where I can get information to make visualizations of queries made in redisgraph using RedisInsight

I doubt that redis insight has such customization since they only provide suggested chart/dashboard, and such feature would be welcomed.

In the meantime, if you are planning to build a custom metrics or charts, you can consider installing a metrics collector + metrics dashboard. For example using prometheus + grafana. Here is a sample resource that I can find:


The current version of RedisInsight is really focusing on inspecting the data with basic monitoring features.

Can you tell me more about which time of features you are looking for? (maybe a good use case to capture and add to RedisInsight)

I usually work with a mix of tools: (during development/testing cycles)

  • RedisInsight to query, and visualize the data
  • CLI with Monitor command when looking at what is happening to my data

I also sometime use the new Redis Datasource for Grafana.

Also, one thing worth noting is that graph visualizations are only supported for RedisGraph v2 and up, not for v1.

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