Feedback or suggestions for new Redis Connector

Hi Team,

I have developed a Redis connector and tested it on standalone Redis version 6.0.5 .
Do I need to share it in mail list for feedback or create a pull request directly?

Also since there is no guideline present for contribution.
In case of pull request I will follow these steps:

  1. Fork the central repo
  2. Clone the forked repo
  3. Add remote upstream to central repo
  4. Update cloned repo from central repo
  5. Create a new branch
    Do I need to to make new branch or make changes to master branch?
  6. Make, add and commit required changes
  7. Push changes to forked repo
  8. Compare and create pull request via GitHub

Please share your suggestions.


@ratnesh-tiwari thanks for contribution!

Are you talking about rgsync? What is the connector about?

Regarding the contribution process

Compare and create pull request via GitHub
That should do, we’ll review the PR and comment if needed.


Yes it’s about rgsync.

I needed a redis connector which was not present then after the suggestion. I have developed one with the help of simple hash connector.

Just need a suggestion for pull request.
Do I need to add changes to master branch or create a new branch and then chnages there?


Whatever you like its your fork, I would recommended to create a new branch.